Winter Skincare Secrets: Achieve Healthy and Glowing Skin with These Expert Tips

As much as I love winters, I believe my skin hates it that much. With that cold temperature and cool breezes, come several skin issues like dryness, dullness, flaky skin, dehydrated skin and so on and so forth. So, for the last few years, I have been practicing some of my mom’s ‘totkas’ which has to a great extent helped me deal with and defeat these skin conditions and retain healthy and glowing skin in winter. It's honestly nothing which demands 10 different products or required expensive consultations, rather it's super simple – the only thing it demands is consistency!

Winter Skincare Secrets: Achieve Healthy and Glowing Skin with These Expert Tips

Let me share with you those tips for the upcoming winter – which – I bet will help combat a plurality of skin issues which, I am sure we all would swear by once we start seeing the results. So here you go:

Use a moisturizing after-bath body and facial oil

Our grandparents were right, the more the oil – the more nourished your skin and hair would be. Of course, with time, things are now adulterated – thus it requires a study to understand which oil is good for you and which would be non-comedogenic. A light oil post bath would not just help you get healthy and glowing skin in winter, but also would help close the pores of skin which would be otherwise been left open post the shower ritual and would be the storage place for gunk and dirt hence leading to skin issues. 

Some of my favourite skin oils are:

Do not over exfoliate

Be it chemical or physical exfoliation, over-exfoliation would lead to damage of the skin barrier and thus loss of skin nourishment. Thus, for winters, it is better to keep the urge for exfoliation at bay and opt for things which can provide more and more nourishment. 

Use mild soaps

Harsh soaps are those monster chemicals – which when used on the skin and face on a daily basis compromise the skin quality. Thus, winter is the time when you have to be more mindful about the kind of soaps you are using. You should always look for cream-based soaps, some of my favourites are:

Ditch body lotions and opt for body butter instead

Body lotion is the best for summers – for winters, your skin needs something which is even more nourishing and moisturising. Thus, in winter, body butter is the best go-to option. They are thick, creamy and nourishing. Furthermore, they are also required in very small quantities and thus, one tub goes a long way. Some of my favourites are:

Use malai from milk for that miracle

That malai of milk – I swear, nothing can beat the moisturising effect that it provides. Be it for the face, lips or body, malai is the best hydrating, moisturising and nourishing thing that you can do to your skin. For better results, you can even add a drop of raw honey along with malai, apply it on your skin and wash it off with a mild soap after something to get that healthy, glowing skin. 

Use a separate foot cream

Our feet are most of the time majorly ignored – hence resulting ugly ugly-looking cracked feet in the winters. It is not just winter, you should make it a habit to use a good foot cream all through the year – to avoid facing any aggravated issues in winter. Just remember, you should also often remove the dead cells from your feet using a pumice stone and thereafter apply a good foot cream – that works like a miracle!

Some of my most used foot creams are:

A good lip balm is the key

Lips being made of the thinnest skin in the entire body, they are most prone to cracks and loss of moisture. Especially, in winter, when the climate is already dry and dehydrated, it's always better to keep reapplying a good moisturizing lip balm for your own good. 

Some of my favourites are:

Isn’t it simple? Maintaining such a simple routine can definitely help as well as retain healthy and glowing skin for the winter. And at the end, do remember, consistency is the key!

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