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9 Best Navratri outfit ideas to Looks Trendy

9 Best Navratri outfit ideas to Looks Trendy By Priyanka Chakraborty Now that Navratri is round the corner, why not start planning for it from now itself? And when it comes to planning, of course dressing up is the vital part of it, right? I know that Covid19 has made everything very negative and gloomy around, but why not even if the inside room celebrates Navratri by getting decked up in some trendy fashionable manner. So let’s check out some cool dressing ideas for this Navratri to make it special even when the majority of us I know will be inside our home or maybe at max going to our relative’s places. Palazzo:  A plain solid palazzo with a festive top looks great in festive seasons. This will be breezy, you will get multiple color options for this. You can pair it up with a grand jhumka, and yes, you are ready to rock! Jumpsuit: A jumpsuit, which is preferably in a lighter shade with a matching or even contrasting jacket looks amazing. It is super on-trend and gives even a good et
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Mother Sparsh has Launched Their New Feminine Skin Care Products

Mother Sparsh has Launched their New Feminine Skin Care Products. These products are:  •Plant Powdered Ultra Rich Face Wash with Earth Marine Water and Vanilla Oil •Plant Powdered Ultra Rich Face Cream with Kokum Butter and Lavender Oil •Plant Powdered Under Eye Recovery Gel with Avacado Oil & Cucumber Extract •Plant Powdered Oatmeal & Honey Face Mask •Plant Powdered Shea & Coco Body Butter Plant Powered Ultra-Rich Face Wash Key Ingredients: Earth Marine Water, Vanilla Oil, Tejpatra Oil, Coconut Oil Key Features: ● With every rinse, Mother Sparsh ensures that your skin receives the essential hydration  and nourishment which imparts youthful radiance. ● Enriched with rare skin-loving minerals that originate in seawater and aids to re-mineralize the skin while replenishing it. ● Encompasses astringent & anti-bacterial properties that help in combating acne without drying out skin. ● Rehydrates and reverses moisture depletion. It also helps in healing inflamed & damage

Vedantika Radiant Face Feed Fack Mask Review / The Review Buzz

  Vedantika Radiant Face Feed Fack Mask Review / The Review Buzz Reviewed By Priyanka Chakraborty Me and face masks have come to a love relationship. LOL. I love Face masks, specifically the powdered ones. And because of that, I keep trying out new powdered face masks on regular basis. And now that I am on the spree of trying out Made in India brands, I am trying out different Indian brands as much as possible. Likewise, I came across this brand Vedantika Herbals which has a wide range of Health care as well as beauty care products. I happened to pick their Radiant Face Feed face mask and have been using that for a while now and hence this review: Product Details:  Name: Vedantika Herbals Radiant Face Feed Skin Brightening Face Pack  Price: Rs. 599/-  Type: Powder Face Mask Quantity: 60gm Link to buy Product Claim and Key Ingredients: My opinion about the  Vedantika Radiant Face Feed Fack Mask : Being a Made in India brand, Vedantika herbals have a good range of skincare products. T

Soap Square: Calendula Bath Salt, Ruby Red Lip Tint, Green Apple & Chamomile Flowers Soap - Review

Soap Square: My picks Reviewed By Priyanka Chakraborty I have the habit or rather the inclination of trying out different brands and their products. And moreover, if that’s a homegrown or organic or natural brand which is Made in India, that’s a major point of attraction for me! Likewise, I came across this brand Soap Square which I basically came to know from Instagram, and thought of trying some of their products. I picked 3 products: a bath salt, a lip tint, and a face and body soap. Now that I have been using these for some time now, I wanted to share my views about them with you all. Let’s find out how are these: Calendula Bath Salt This bath salt comes in a cute little glass jar with a metallic cap. The bath salt doesn’t really have any strong fragrance but gives a calming after effect. You can even use it as a foot soak if you are doing a home pedicure. Now I have been using this majorly as a bath salt and what I do is I soak 2 spoons of this salt in a bucket full of water, l

Top 4 Liquid Detergent for Top Load Washing Machine

 Top 4 Liquid Detergent for Top Load Washing Machine: Reviewed By Priyanka Chakraborty You know, now with the numerous options available for any single product that you wanna buy, it becomes so difficult. And moreover, if you are new to that particular product, then I swear, gone case!! HAHA. Even look at the liquid detergent segment, even in that there are so many options available claiming so many different things, that a person is bound to get confused, isn’t it? Wait, I have here a solution for you!! I have come up with my personal recommendation of liquid detergents that I have been using for quite some time now and what my thoughts are on them. Let us see what are those. But before going to that, I would definitely recommend you all, that if you are still using the detergent powder for your washing machine, please shift to liquid detergent, it's really good for the health of the machine as well as your clothes. I agree liquid detergents are a bit on the expensive side as comp

Oriflame Love Nature Face Wash

Oriflame Love Nature Face Wash Reviewed By Priyanka Chakraborty My mom has some unconditional love for this brand Oriflame. I think there are hardly any products from this brand which she has not tried out. So here is one of the products from the same brand. It is about Oriflame Love Nature Face Wash in Orange Flavour which I am going to share with you all, so basically, this is my mom’s feedback about the product which I am penning down. Just before I begin, let me tell you all that my mom has a combination skin type, and this face wash was used on mature skin. Let’s check it out: Product Details:  Name: Oriflame Love Nature Face Wash: Orange   Price: Rs. 179/-  Type: Liquid Face Wash Quantity: 50ml Link to buy Product Claim and Key Ingredients: My opinion about the product: Oriflame is a Swedish brand which has a wide range of beauty as well as cosmetic products which has become quite popular in the market with their amazing product quality. You may find the products slightly expensi

Khadi Green Tea and Aloevera Herbal Hair Conditioner

 Khadi Green Tea and Aloe vera Herbal Hair Conditioner Reviewed By Priyanka Chakraborty A good conditioner after shampoo gives the right care to hair. And for people like me, who have dry and rough hair, for then conditioner is like an integral part of the hair care routine. I have tried a number of commercial companies and some were god some weren’t, but this one from Khadi is the first of organic variant which I started using. Organic ones are always better to switch to than those loaded with chemicals and hence the review: Product Details:  Name: Khadi Green Tea and Aloe vera Hair Conditioner  Price: Rs. 235/-  Type: Hair Conditioner Quantity: 210ml Link to buy Product Claim and Key Ingredients:  My opinion about The   Khadi Green Tea and Aloe vera Herbal Hair Conditioner : Being a Made in India brand, Khadi has a wide range of products ranging from skincare to hair-care and much more! All their products are organic and free of harsh chemicals. I had previously tried their herbal sh