Vilvah Revitalising Under Eye Cream Review

Vilvah Revitalising Under Eye Cream

If you are the one who is suffering from fine lines under your eyes have puffy eye issues or are worried about those rigid dark circles, then this review is a must-read for you! Today I am going to talk about the Vilvah Revitalising Under Eye cream which I have been using for 6 months straight now and hence have come up with the details of it.

Product Details: 
Name: Vilvah Revitalising Under Eye Cream
Price: Rs. 390/-
Type: Under-eye cream
Quantity: 15 gm
Shelf Life: 10 months
Product claims and Ingredients: 


My opinion about the Vilvah Revitalising Under Eye Cream:

For long I was on a search for a good eye cream. Previously I have used eye cream from some 2-3 brands and wasn’t at all satisfied with it. Then one of my friends suggested to me this under-eye cream from Vilvah. Vilvah is an India Based homegrown brand that manufactures 100% organic products. 
This under-eye cream has aloe vera, liquorice, shea butter, almond oil, etc. and trust me it did wonders for me. As mentioned, I have been using this for 6 months now. I was struggling with bad dark circles and fine lines and now after 6 months of daily usage, I mean DAILY, my fine lines are almost 90% gone, my dark circles have faded out so much!! I apply it at night before going to bed daily, and it is required in a very very tiny amount. A 15 gm product, which I am using regularly, is still remaining, can you believe that?! I am completely loving this.
This under-eye cream comes in an aluminium tub, which is eco-friendly and that’s a great plus point.
Consistency and Fragrance:


It has a white creamy texture, and when you apply it, you have to rub it in a circular motion for a while to make it get absorbed. Once it is absorbed, it's not oily or greasy. It has a very very mild smell. 

Pros of the Vilvah Revitalising Under Eye Cream:

  • The product is made of 100% natural ingredients
  • With consistency and regular usage, it helps reduce fine lines and dark circles to a great extent
  • Not greasy
  • Gets absorbed well into the skin
  • Required in very little quantity, hence lasts over 6 months!

Cons of the Vilvah Revitalising Under Eye Cream:

  • Not a con, but just a reminder that being made of natural ingredients, it will take time to show its results, so you have to be consistent and regular
I would absolutely recommend this wonderful under-eye cream but do remember, with organic products, patience is the key!
TRB Rating: 4.8/5

Reviewed By Priyanka Chakraborty

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