Urban Botanics Kalonji Oil Review


Urban Botanics Kalonji Oil Review


It was very recently that I came to know about Kalonji Oil. Previously I had only known about the health benefits of Kalonji, but now that I was aware of its benefits for hair, I gave a try to the Kalonji oil that was from the brand Urban Botanics. 

Product Details: 

Name: Urban Botanics Kalonji/Black Seed Oil 
Price: Rs. 599/- (often available at a discounted price of Rs.429/-)
Type: Kalonji Oil/Black Seed Oil
Quantity: 250ml
Shelf Life: 24 months
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Product Claim and Key Ingredients:

Urban Botanics Kalonji Oil Review

My opinion about the Urban Botanics Kalonji Oil
Before getting this particular oil, I did a bit of my own research to understand what are the benefits of Kalonji oil. What I discovered is that it is rich in antioxidants that help strengthen hair, treat hair loss, and also can prevent premature greying. 
Now, this particular Kalonji oil is cold-pressed, hexane-free, and free of chemicals and additives. I wouldn’t say that it helped reduce my premature greying of hair, but yes when I apply this oil and take a head bath, I feel hair fall is less as compared to those days when I use any other regular oil. 
Also, any cold-pressed oil preserves the actual benefits of the oil, and hence this one is good for regular usage too!
The oil comes in a transparent bottle with a flip-open cap. 
Consistency and Fragrance:
Urban Botanics Kalonji Oil Review

The oil is not sticky or very thick and smells strongly of Kalonji (when you apply it, it feels as if someone is cooking something with a lot of kalonji, lol).
Pros of the Urban Botanics Kalonji Oil
  • It is cold-pressed oil 
  • Free from hexane, chemicals, and additive
  • It’s not very sticky 
  • Helps with hair fall to some extent 
  • Good for regular usage 
        Cons of the Urban Botanics Kalonji Oil
        • I would prefer a packaging which is environment friendly
        • Has a very strong smell
        Won’t say I love this one or it has done some miracle to my hair, but overall, is a decent hair oil for regular usage.

        Reviewed By Priyanka Chakraborty

        TRB Rating: 4/5

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