Ponds Light Moisturiser Review

 Ponds Light Moisturiser Review

Pond's Light Moisturiser Review

Finding the right moisturizer, which will be non-greasy and also super hydration, also definitely reasonable can be a task at times. I have gone through the struggle and it's real!! Recently started using the moisturizer from this age-old brand Ponds thereby letting you all know my review about this one.

Product Details: 
Name: Pond's Light Moisturizer
Price: Rs. 299/- (often available at a discounted price of Rs. 233/-)
Type: Moisturizer
Quantity: 250ml
Shelf Life: 24 months
Product Claim and Key Ingredients:
Pond\'s Light Moisturiser Review

My opinion about the Pond's Light Moisturiser

Pond's has always been my kinda family's favourite brand. I remember seeing its cold cream since childhood and growing up with it. Recently when Ponds launched its different varieties of moisturizers with improved and amazing formulations, I thought of giving it a try. I remember the Ponds cold cream to be quite greasy, so didn’t really have many hopes for it as I am a combination skin person, but then the price it offered plus the formulation is what attracted me.
So this one is Ponds Light Moisturizer with Vitamin E and Glycerin. And to my utter surprise, it is not greasy at all!! I have even started using it for my facial skin (also I use it for hands and legs) and it gets absorbed well, isn’t greasy/sticky, is pretty much light-weight, and hasn’t given me any breakouts so far.
Quite happy I am with this one. Also, this has a nice mild fragrance, which I am sure will be loved by all.
This moisturizer comes in a tub which is a sea-green kinda color with a white cap.
Consistency and Fragrance: 
Ponds Light Moisturiser Review

It is white and rich creamy but non-sticky and has a nice mild fragrance. 

Pros of the Pond's Light Moisturiser

  • Not greasy/sticky at all (can be well used by dry to normal to combination skin person)
  • Has a nice mild smell
  • Gets well absorbed in the skin
  • Doesn’t cause any breakout
  • Reasonably priced

Cons of the Pond's Light Moisturiser

For moisturizers, I prefer a pump in a bottle or at least a tube where you need not touch the entire cream while applying. This way the impurities of the hand get transferred into the tub which I completely dislike!
My Rating: 4/5 
My only dislike about the product is the packaging, otherwise, I am super happy with the product.

Reviewed By Priyanka Chakraborty 

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