Pears Naturale Brightening Pomegranate Body Wash, 250 ml Review

Pears Naturale Brightening Pomegranate Body Wash

Pears Naturale Brightening Pomegranate Body wash, 250 ml Review

Bath is one of the best ways to keep yourself refreshed in humid and warm weather. I usually bath twice a day which keeps me fresh. Today I chose something else to review, a shower gel or body wash whatever you want to say from Pears Naturale. Recently I’ve loved this Pears Natural Pomegranate Brightening Body Wash for its smell and effectiveness.  

Detail Product Information:
Name: Pears Naturale Brightening Pomegranate Body wash
Price: ₹180/-
Quantity: 250ml

Shelf life: Use before 30 months from the packaged date

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Product Claims:

The new Pears Natural range of beauty bathing body washes gives you naturally glowing skin. The Pears Natural Body Washes have pure glycerine that leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Pears natural pomegranate brightening body wash has the goodness of 100 per cent natural pomegranate along with rose extract. Its 100 per cent soap-free formula gently cleanses your skin for a visibly brighter, glowing skin, every time you shower. 


Key Ingredients:


Pears Naturale Brightening Pomegranate Body Wash

My Experience with Pears Naturale Brightening Pomegranate Bodywash

Products that have the goodness of natural ingredients in them are more suitable for our skin. Pears understands this and therefore brings to us, the beautiful range of pears that has an exciting mix of natural ingredients. With the goodness of 100 per cent natural ingredients, the new Pears Natural range of beauty bathing body washes gives us naturally glowing skin. This range has three different types of flavours with various natural ingredients. I have picked pomegranate body wash. Pomegranate, an active component for deep moisturization helps to preserve skin\'s softness & suppleness. It’s an excellent remedy to revive your tender skin.


Pears Naturale Pomegranate Body Wash comes packed in a tall and slim plastic transparent bottle with a black flip-open cap. It is covered with a floral and pomegranate print label along with details on the back. It looks so pretty and is travel-friendly.


Pears Naturale Pomegranate Brightening Body Wash has a runny gel consistency.  The gel is pink in colour.

Pears Naturale Brightening Pomegranate Body WashPears Naturale Brightening Pomegranate Body Wash


I adore this body wash for its amazing light and very refreshing fruity scent. The scent is really soothing and relaxing.


 I have a good experience with this shower gel.  On application, you can easily use a loofah and you will only need the tiniest amount of gel. It lathers quite well. Without loofah, it does not lather a lot.


The Pears Natural Brightening Pomegranate Body wash does not dry the skin out. It cleans the skin very well, removes all dirt, and makes skin soft. Not only that, but it also helps to keep the moisture of the skin. It feels really nice on your skin and it makes your skin soft and smooth. Nowadays I do not feel like applying any body lotion or cream after the use of this shower gel. The quantity is good enough for at least 3 months. 
  • It is very gentle on skin
  • Doesn’t leave any sticky feeling on the skin
  • Moisturizes my skin very well
  • Cleanses skin well
  • Lathers nicely
  • Travel-friendly packaging 
  • Takes time in getting rinse off completely.
  • Some people might not like its smell
Overall, I like this budget-friendly product which can help to make my skin soft and supple without drying. It is a gentle body wash. I recommend it to everyone. I would be definitely purchasing their new formula body wash. 

Have you tried anything from Pears Naturale?


TRB Rating: 4/5

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