2 Body Wash from Khadi Natural - Orange, Lemongrass and Sandal, Turmeric Herbal Body Wash Review


2 Body Wash from Khadi Natural - Orange, Lemongrass  and Sandal, Turmeric Herbal Body Wash Review 

People tend to gravitate towards a body wash when they want something that feels more slippery and more moisturizing than soap bars. But some of those things we are craving can actually contribute to drier, more irritated skin. Liquid body wash or shower gel is an alternative to soap bar but they don't leave the skin dry. Getting clean does not have to be complicated, we have to choose body wash which are natural, paraben, and SLS free and safe on skin. In this post, I am going to share with my experience with two body wash from khadi naturals.

About The Brand: 

Khadi Naturals products are manufactured under the guidance of qualified Ayurveda doctors and made from herbal ingredients sourced from organically grown pure plant extracts. Khadi Natural products are made according to WHO, GMP, and ISO standards and incorporate the principles of preservative recipe for everyday use.


This body wash from khadi keeps you refreshed and smells great all day long. The main ingredients Lemongrass and Orange removes impurities and dirt from the skin. It is infused with vitamin C. It refreshes the body all day long. It is orange in color.
What It Claims:
  • A herbal formula body wash keeps skin supple and hydrated all day long
  • It is paraben, SLS free, and no mineral oils added in it.
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • It helps to restore skin PH balance.
Lemongrass oil, Orange oil, almond oil, and aloe vera.

My experience with the Khadi Natural Orange and Lemongrass Body Wash:

Personally, I am very fond of body wash. And whenever I see any new launch of body wash, I always give them a try. After using it I am very satisfied, as I am getting a pure natural product from a well-known brand. I use it every day after using body oil. It moisturizes the skin and the skin does not feel dry. One thing I don't like is its strong fragrance. If you are sensitive to fragrance, this product is a big no for you else it is a very good product.
It is light in texture and has an orange colour
How to use:
Apply the body wash all over the wet body and rub it with a loofah to produce a lather and then wash off.
  • It is refreshing and can be used every day
  • Cheap compared to other natural brands
  • Strong aroma
  • Not easily available
Price:- Rs 150 for 210 ml.
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It protects the skin naturally and it\'s Antibacterial agents of sandal and natural healing power of turmeric protects the skin in the polluted environment.
What It Claims:
  • It helps to reduce sunburn and removes tan
  • It removes acne, acne scars, and blackheads
  • It helps in improving the texture of the skin
  • It relaxes the body and deep cleanses the skin
Aqua, almond oil, vitamin E, sandal aroma oil, aloe vera, Rose, saffron, neem,
honey, turmeric.

My experience with Khadi Natural Sandal and Turmeric Herbal Body Wash:

I use this body wash twice a week. Though it has many benefits like it improves skin tone and texture It has anti-bacterial properties It removes tan. It is a good body wash for sensitive skin and very few brands make sensitive skin body wash. So it is definitely a good purchase for sensitive skin beauties. But it is good for oily skin beauties. As I have dry skin, properties like neem, and turmeric tend to dry the skin. So, I would recommend that those with dry skin can use it on alternative days, and don’t forget to moisturize the skin after wash.
It is light in texture and yellow in colour.
How to use:
Apply the body wash on the wet body, rub with a loofah to produce a lather, then wash off.
  • Good for sensitive skin
  • Removes tan and skin texture
  • It has an antibacterial formula
  • It can make the skin a little dry
  • Not available easily and a bit pricey
Price:- Rs 250 for 210 ml.
Buy from here
I use both bodywashes according to my needs. If you have used another range of body wash from Khadi Naturals let us know in the comment section below.

TRB Rating: 4/5



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